Brendan Uegama – Writer / Director of Photography / Director / Producer

Nicole G. leier – Producer

Leon Ng – Co Associate Producer (

Matt Grant – Co Associate Producer

Javier Badillo – Art Dirctor

Louisa Phung – 1st AD

Deirdre Tracey – Production Manager

Margaret Reid – Production Coordinator

Matthew Lane – VFX Supervisor & Head Animator (

Corey Ogilvie – Editor (

Matthew Lyons – Post Production Coordinator (

Emily Hill – Costume Designer

Oliver Glaser – Camera Operator / Steadicam Operator (

Crispin Hands – Music Composer

Sean Jackson – Gaffer

Christopher Wright – Construction Coordinator

Lindsay MacClean – Hair/Make Up

Leo Leiner – Henry’s Glasses EPK Producer

Suze Dunbar – Script Supervisor

Oshy Parasol – Props

Andy Fosmark – Still Photographer

James Schoening – Sound Mixer

Duncan Vogel – 1st AC

Rina Hoshino – Japanese Consultant / Art Dept. Assistant

Annie Simon – Craft Services

Nigel Edwards – Construction Lead Hand

Gerard Penalosa – 2nd AC

Keith Sherrit – Gene Operator

Angelo Nicoloyannis – Sound Designer

Shawna Cox – Locations Manager

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